There are so many different sport technologies today, it’s difficult to choose the best for your body. Tying is the best way to find out. BodyTec is also a new technology in sport, which is based on personal fitness training with electro muscle stimulation (EMS). I spotted one of this studios in Cape Town, but there is one in Amsterdam as well and probably in many more cities. A Bodytec training only takes 20 minutes once a week, which makes it perfect for this 24/7 economy.  The electrical muscle stimulation is a short but powerful full body workout with very quickly noticeable results. You were a suit with a lot of wires how are connected with a computer. The electricals give you resistance, the more or less you want.

Everbody want a good and fit body, in combinations with for example the DNA technologie it isn’t hard anymore. At least if your endurance is also good..

Good to now: 20 minutes BodyTec equals three hours gym!! Is there anything else you want? Apart from the perfect body by doing nothing..


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