Unhealthy generation

The new film ‘Fed Up’ focuses on the sugar industry and its effect on the health of Americans. It is a little bit shocking and hopefully it is a wake up call that will chance your lifestyle. It is the truth of the unhealthy children generation from now. The government must do something about this huge problem. The film is made by a lot of experts of the food industry.

”Cocaine has the same reaction on your body as sugar !”




Flying lunch

”A pop-up restaurant in Australia uses miniature parachutes to deliver local sandwiches down to seven floors to customs who are prepared to catch them”

This is a very creative way to deliver the lunch! With this kind of deliver, people having more fun together and they move more. Rather they have lunch delivered, they must do their best to get the lunch! It’s healthy for their mental – and emotional wellbeing and after consuming lunch they go to work again with a fresh spirit.