Smart highway lighting

Daan Roosegaarde designed sustainable smart highway lighting. The normal highway lighting is very expensive and unsustainable for the world. The new lighting of Daan Roosegaarde is a kind of glow in the dark, when it is dark the lines of the highway light up, or when it’s cold and frosty snowflakes be visible on the road, to be alert for smoothnes. He also designed lights that only turn on when there is a car, the move of the car makes that the light go on and off again. On the highway in Oss, the Netherlands is for now the only place with this innovating lighting. But for sure that will not be the only one in the future. This idea has won the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2013.


Explore Marseille behind your computer !

Google Night Walk is the next generation of google maps, earth and streetview. It is a new experience to explore a city behind your computer. For now there is only a Night Walk available of Marseille. Christof show you the city and tell you about it. It is a kind of city marketing, to show what Marseille has to offer. The Night Walk is a beautiful concept and have potential to grow, Google will make soon more Night Walks available when this first night walk have succes!