Pop-up mall for shop, relaxed and play

The first pop-up mall: Boxpark in London. It is a mall made of containers, it is cheap, unique and easy to move. In Boxpark it is possible to shop, relaxed and be inspire. There are many different brand stores, cafes/restaurants and art stores. The new consumer is constantly looking for new experiences and there is Boxpark made for. The concept is so successful that the designer explore the possibilities to open in Amsterdam and in the rest of Europe pop-up Boxpark malls. 



During your work-out not to be too hot

The new collection of Nike will keep your body just the right temperature by the Thermal Body Mapping technology. With this collection you are not too cold and not too hot for your workout, what improves your performance. Technology ensures that everything is getting easier and helps you in your daily life. This convenience goods are even fashionable with the color blocking look. You can buy the collection from Spring this yea, so go work-out in the correct temperature on your summer body !
Nike spring 2014



Navigation shoes !

’’Instead of staring at smartphone navigation apps and having missed beautiful city scenery, you may wear a pair of smart vibrating shoes that tickle to navigate you, give recommendations and remind you of your established tasks. Electronics mounted on the silicon insoles will conduct those process above via bluetooth, providing you a more spontaneous city trip via the tactile sensation.’’


How wonderful! You don’ t need longer your smartphone in your hand while you’re walking and looking for your destination. This smart shoes reminds you also your agenda; it plans a short walk while your having a break time, it reminds you to go eating and will send you to a place you like to eat and even it reminds you to pick up a present for you girlfriend. You can wear the shoes that you like, all you need to do is chance the inner-sole and you have your personal navigation with you. Isn’t it amazing? I think it will be the navigation of the future!


Harry Potter theme park in Japan

The Harry Potter theme park will open this Juli in Osaka in Japan. In the U.S. opend already a theme park.

First the books of harry potter, the films followed and now a real theme park.. Harry Potter is still beloved and people want to spend their leisure time with more experience –> the fiction world is now for a day the real world. For the big fans it’s only a moment to wait until the new park can be visited in Japan !


Harry Potter theme park to open in Osaka this July