The innovation on entertainment

Yumble is an indoor entertainment park that is building now in Roermond. It is a state-of-the-art attractiemix with distinctive food, beverage concepts and the decor based on digital projection technology that forms together an integral and unique experience. Yumble want to create repeat visits by voting for the latest hypes and current themes such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. The entertainment park communicate with his visitors by the digital decor what creates an extra experience. This is perhaps less personal but the communication of the future. This is a new way of experiences, the new theme park with many interactive elements, it will be an innovation on entertainment. 

In Oktober this year they expect the grand opening !


3D glasses

The virtual reality glasses was testing in ’De Wereld Draait Door’. For a roller coaster ride, you do not go to a theme park but you put the virtual reality glasses on and there you go, it looks very real! On You Tube you can see that people also moving their body like they are in the situation. It looks so real that the entire space is moving with you when you look left or right, it gives a serious 3D effect. Could this be the new game world? Will we still have to go to a theme park in the future? The time will tell us…