High tech mobility

A new way of transport is in development by Honda, the U3-X. It’s a high-tech device that is comparable to the Segway. It’s a transportation for people who don’t want to move under their own power. The U3-X is a unicycle that fits between the legs of the user and is controlled by leaning in the direction the rider wants to move. This way of transporting don’t need much strength and energy, in contrast to the bicycle. That is al little bit a shame because it’s just so important to make the recommended daily movement (Fit norm). However, you are independent of the bus, train or tram (this way of transport is also inactive). This kind of mobility is new, fast and the future but we must not forget that exercise is very important for our body and health. Even though it will take some getting used to keep your balance.







Build of natural dams



Hungarian art and design collective Szövetseg’39 has unveiled a concept to reduce the rising sea levels in the world’s delta regions by introducing a modular structure thatwill cultivate mangrove forests to form natural dams. It is a dam made ​​of a mixed elements of concrete, organic materials and local resources; caltrope. These serve as “containers” for young trees that are ultimately very strong and form a natural dam. There may be an organic pattern created by careful placement of the caltrope and will therefore fit the landscape. When the tide is low, they are all small islands. This is perhaps the invention that the problem of sea level rise could solve in a natural and beautiful way.


Childful make positivity





The business Acrylicize creates art and interior features for commercial and residential spaces. They use childful elements in the rooms. For example they use lego blocks, lego figures , dice and dominoes . It provides rooms more energy , humor and a carefree look. That is what is needed at this time , a positive outlook on life, more fun. They say that the crisis comes to an end , but before it is, people want firmer stand in their shoes . The playful , carefree and humorous looks gives a positive charge. The tough times are less heavy and can be still laughed . Acrylicize does this very well, a happy start of the day is good for the rest of the day and make people more positivity.


Trendreport and conceptbook La Poubelle, students of Fontys highschool Tilburg 2014




The (in)visible serie of designer Takeshi Miyakawa create the illusion of disappearing chairs and tables. It is a special appearance. Also called distract the society in which we live. Many people have little or no confidence in society and therefore want to build their own world. Independent and protect themselves against negativity. This is done by means of masks, mirrors, and a repetition of color. This series of furniture can be a response of this. They wont be invisible but at the same time there are totally visible, whit this they will made a statement.

These conclusions are drawn from a trend study in which I participated


Trendreport and conceptbook La Poubelle 2013