The social media shoes

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Social media is now also reflected in fashion. With this creation social media isn’t online, but offline. About this people are more recalled by Facebook, Google, Twitter and more. Social media is a kind of icon and is a part of the society.


Wearable technology ring #Appearance


With the NFC ring is an wearable technology with personal settings and files. In the ring is integrated a Near Field Communication chip that can lock and unlock your doors, sharing information and link with people and storing passwords. Also you can pay with the ring. The innovative jewelery does not need to be charged and so the ring is “always on” use. With Kickstarter had collected John McLear enough money to make it reality. This is an really intresting technology, you need only one ring for al your personal information and it’s also much safer than keys or a creditcard. Because it is on your own finger! Now the ring is not fashionable but probably change that in the future.