Parke – fit and comfort in your denim #Appearance


Parke is a new kind of denim. Light-weight RAW denim developed with an innovative, patent-pending technology that uses multiple, high stretch fibers to provide supreme comfort and shape retention. Denim was invented as a durable work pant for mining. That denim was very stiff and uncomfortable, it’s not the denim for our lifestyle today. Parke denim is created for a modern active lifestyle. Today we were live, work and play in our denim. Parke denim is an premium active denim, the jeans are handcrafted in the middle of NYC. The team is created with craftsmen and designers who had been working in the denim industry for the past 7 years. They were inspired by high-tech performance fabrics, and they want to bring that innovation into the denim. This jeans Guaranteed comfort and fit.




Shoe art #appearance

Creatieve-schoen-152 Creatieve-schoen-17Creatieve-schoen-41

Kobi Levi is a freelance designer. He is gradueated from Bezalel academy of art & design in Jerusalem. His specialization is foodwear and design, every piece is an unique wearable sculpture. ‘’It is alive with/out the food/body’’. Most of the inspirations that he have is coming out of the shoe world, but he gives it an extreme transformation. Humoristic is a part of the hand-made realizations. It looks like street art when the shoes walking in the city. In any shoe you see an object or animal that come back in a daily life. Fashion and life are mixed together.

Tree in the house #living


In the mountains of Almaty,in Kazachstan you can found the house ‘Tree in a House’. This is a very special house created by architect Almasov Aibek. The house is built among a fir tree, in the middle of a forest. The house is an inspiration place for creative moments and also your spirituality will grow. The house is built entirely of glass, so you have a 360 degree view over the forest. That would be an amazing view. The nature and the living area are so very close together. This is an example of mixing worlds and go back to the nature.