Urban Hotspring Rotterdam #Urban Nomads

Urban Hotspring Rotterdam

What it is?
An Urban Nomad is known that he/she is a working traveler who travels constantly
looking for new challenges in his career but also in leisure time. The Urban Hotspring in Rotterdam can be such a challenge. It’s a unique place to relaxing, sporting and meeting people. You are swimming between the ships, cranes and skyscrapers in the Maas in
Rotterdam, in the winter indoor and in the summer outdoor swimming. Also, a beach
bar restaurant, banquet halls, terraces, saunas, a hot tub and a garden will be
build. It’s initiative of the city of Rotterdam, the people should be consulted
and participate to building a beautiful and attractive city. The Urban Hotspring
will be realized in 2014.

Why is it cool?
Swimming in the Maas, is given a new look. Now with a minimal environmental
impact. The pool water is treated in a natural way whithout chlorine. This
purified water is heated with a very local source of heat: the heat from the
water of the Nieuwe Maas. With a heat pump can be lower temperature of the
river into a higher temperature in the pool water, which only electricity is
required. So a very durable way of leisure.

The Urban Nomads looking for examples of cool, because the unique location and
concept of the Urban Hotspring is it a nice place for them to meeting, relaxing or doing sport.

This is the future for Urban Nomads!




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