COOLHUNT #20 Transparancy

Barbie’s rainforest destruction

What it is?

Forests are not only beautiful, but also vital for a healthy climate. But because massive trees are felled, disappearing ecosystems and affect many people and animals lose their habitat. Also come through that cover large amounts of CO2. Greenpeace conducted in 40 countries with Ken in the lead, against the use of tropical hardwoods for toy packaging, including by Mattel. Ken break up with Barbie publicly, when he found out she destroys rainforest for a nice package. Globally 500,000 people sent an email to the management of Mattel with the call to reconnect with APP, the biggest destroyer of the Indonesian rainforest. With success. In October 2011 Mattel announced that they not buying paper from APP and other companies involved in deforestation anymore. Also, the company APP will use more recycled paper and materials with the FSC label. This is a year and a half ago, but today is the destroying of rainforests still a big problem.

Why it’s cool?
Rainforests are still massively cut, it’s important that destroying of rainforest stops worldwide and that people realize what they are doing to the world. In 2015 Greenpeace wants that the last tropical rainforests in Indonesia, the Amazon and Congo has stopped destroying and in 2020 worldwide.

What does this have to do with transparency? People still not know of many products where it comes from, how it has been produced and everything that is needed for the production. Through these campaigns Greenpeace shake people awake. Maybe will be people conscious their purchase because many products are still not fair today.



COOLHUNT #19 Transparency

Vertical farming

What it Is:

A Vertical way of farming. Grow Up designed a first version to makes it simple and easy for people to do vertical farming in their own home, or on their patio, or wherever there’s room.

A special production system based on our patented vertical towers that allows us to grow more, produce using less space, and transport the unharvested towers to market. It allows us to sell “You-Pick” vegetables at the supermarket, letting the customers pick exactly how much they want. Also, a home edition so they could take live towers directly to people’s homes. People could just grow their own product, easier, and with less space than a garden.


Why it is Cool:

They want to change the way produce is grown & distributed, FOREVER. It makes food easier, simpler and it gives more fun and knowledge to make food by your own. Grow Up is good for the world and for your wallet. People will live more aware, because it’s eating in a transparent way. The greens are coming from your own home or garden. You don’t have to ask yourself where your food comes from, whether if the food is fair or not, whether farmers are underpaid or whether that the greens are injected with toxins, it’s all about you. Also the food waste problem can be in the past. When vertical farming is available in the supermarket or in your own home, you pick exactly how much you need. It is a fact that farming ground is scarce today, vertical farming saves space so it creates more space for growing greens.  On kickstarter can you donate money to make all this possible.  –>

Grow Up!


COOLHUNT#18 Transparency


What it is? A butcher shop and restaurant in one. You order meat for a barbecue or just for preparing at home for a dinner. But if you do not feel like cooking or just want to enjoy the most of the meat, you can walk from the butchers through to the restaurant where you first past the open kitchen and then you comes in the lovely restaurant Leblanc. The restaurant is also very modern, the Ipad is the menucarte. When you have made your selection, click on the order button and your food prepared.

Why it’s cool? It is very modern, a restaurant at a butcher shop. Often butchers are authentic and traditional. This butcher has completely differently. Sure the butcher knows as the best how the meat should be cooked. So it’s the best way of eating your meat. Leblanc offer transparency because they use an open kitchen, customers can see and experience how their meal get prepared. So it’s also a fair product, you know what you eat. By using the Ipad, it saves time and money in the long term. It also gives the consumer an extra piece of experience.

Enjoy the specialties of butchery and restaurant Leblanc  rue des Lulay Febvres 5 in Liège

lebalnc lebalncc leblancc restaurant-leblanc-2


COOLHUNT#17 Transparency

Bilder & de Clercq

What it Is?

No inspiration or time for evening dinner? Bilder & de Clercq helps you to be healthy, creative and quality with a dish on the table. Diederik van Gelder and Rogier Leopold are professional chefs so they can help you to become a better cook. Their shop have daily choice of 14 delicious seasonal and regional recipes for original dishes, including an easy recipe card which the preparation is explained. You buy all the ingredients in just the right amount of fresh and of high quality. Also, the store also features a sleek design, friendly staff and carefully selected products. you’ve already a vegetarian meal for 2 persons  for € 6,00. The dilemma ”what shall we eat tonight?” is from  last February 16 to the past!

Why it’s Cool?

Bilder & de Clercq offer transparency because you prepare by yourself your meal, you know what you eating. The formula is a form of co-creation, working with Bilder & de Clercq together to create a healthy, creative and quality dish on the table to convert. It also saves time and offers a responsible way to reduce waste when cooking. So this is deep eco cool; if more of this formula will come where you include just the right amount of food purchases for you meals so that you have little or no more wasting food. And that’s one of the problems all over the World.  More than 60% of all food is thrown away in the Netherlands. So a good initiative therefore of Diederik van Gelder and Rogier.

Take a look? –> The Clercqstraat 44, Amsterdam


COOLHUNT #16 Transparency


rocking_knit01v2Low-Tech Factory

What it Is?

Start at the beginning. The development of simple products in a way that make you thinking. Reducing authenticity in a modern way. Making a knitted hat while you read a book or stay on an old fashion spinningtoll and made in the same time a bag.

Why it’s Cool?

With this project, the theme of auto-production is raised. Recently we have seen countless designers make their own machines. And while it often seems the machine becomes more important than the result, in this case, the design of the machine and its resulting product are in balance. And it’s also fun! Make people active and to thinking with these unique machines, authentic feelings coming back –> make it by your own. It is also transparent, these machines will be able to create their own products, so you know where it comes from and how it’s made. That is an important value for some people at the time.

The exhibition presents six machines with videos. Opening on March 21st at Hotel Droog central Amsterdam