COOLHUNT #15 Appearance


What it is?

A perfume that you do not spray from a bottle but swallow with a sip of water as a pill. This variant of perfume seems very shortly on the market. This pill contains molecules of synthetic fragrance. If these molecules comes into contact with body enzymes, the molecules to be free through the skin by transpiration.

Why it’s cool?
Very cool and interesting! Maybe you never smells like sweat and you smells always like roses. When your skin smell it, you do not always spray new, fresh perfume. Well maybe a daily perfume pill? But maybe one pill a week is enough to smells lovely for a week long. In the morning one ritual less and also will there be plenty of room left for all women, no longer perfume bottles. I think this is in a few years a big trend, not all perfume bottles disappear but as a kind of perfume gadget maybe?






COOLHUNT #14 Appearance


A traditional pin-up girl on the wall, just because you can do, and to prove a bit that you are a real man who looks like that kind of pictures. But why not a pin-up men? Also women loves beautiful men’s on the wall. There are many beautiful male models they love to parade in their boxers. But real pin-up mens have yet to be invented. Exactly  what photographer Rion Sabean has done. He photographed ordinary men as “sex objects”. However, these mens wear very much clothing for a pin-up on the wall. But right now, also women can hanging shameless hot pin-ups on their wall, or are they a little bit gay?

So you see again that the differences between men and women getting smaller …

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COOLHUNT #13 Masculinity vs Femininity


What it is?

Andrej Pejic and Casey Legler are androgynous models at the top of the fashion industry. Androgynous means literally: a person with the appearance of the other sex, without completely going through life as someone of the other sex (transsexual). They want to be different than others, and they are. At first sight it doesn’t  agree that Andrej Pejic is a man and Casey Legler is a woman. Take a good look at the pictures below and see the trend masculinity and femininity.

Why it’s cool?
This androgynous models turn the world upside down. They will be confirmed that the trend masculinity and femininity is present, the differences between men and women fade. 10 years ago nobody would have imagined that androgynous models exist and not at all that they are top models. When earlier men used much time on their appearance, they were devoted like a gay men. Today seems men like a women, there are many men face care products and we like to see men’s models in their boxers while earlier wasn’t accepted. Not only Andrej Pejic and Casey Legler are androgynous models, this list get longer and longer, even Lara Stone shows that she is also beautiful like a man.

Casey Legler

Casey Legler

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

COOLHUNT #12 Appearance


What it is?

The Fashion Victims campaign circulated reports that there are 1000 trendy blouses with  studs are for free. But when the webpage opens, Zarayda told about the victims of today’s fashion industry. Polluted water, serious illnesses and the destruction of ecosystems are the things that Greenpeace wants to go with this campaign.

Why it’s cool?
This campaign is brilliant, people are wild on free stuff so the campaign will quick viewed and shared. It’s not immediately clear that it is a Greenpeace campaign, the first focus is fashion and the free blouses. Not all fashion is environmentally friendly and the consequences is a good reason to carefully shopping. Zarayda: ‘we are all fashion victims because we will follow all the new trends, but the real fashion victims are the thousands of people who lives along the toxic rivers. So fashion isn’t free, the world buys very much consequences by the waste. Check the campaign and like and share for a better world and fair fashion.

fashion victims

COOLHUNT #11 Masculinity vs Femininity


What it is?

The American Carey takes pictures of himself in a pink tutu. Linda, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. This photo collection are part of the ‘the tutu project’. The purpose of this project is to raise money for breast cancer organizations. For Carey is it also important that these photos makes a smile on the faces of  cancer patients, so they forget the hard time a moment.

Why it’s cool?
People want to pay for this man with his pink tutu, it is hilarious and inspiring. The masculine way of pink ribbon. This shows the contrary of the trend masculine and feminine. They are still many differences between men and women. It is not normal what am photographed, that is the reason why it is fun and striking. The pink tutu is typically feminine. So whether the characteristics of men and women are blurred? Perhaps in their care of appearance, but I think there are still big differents between men and women and there remain many elements typical for the man or the woman, and not for both of them.