COOLHUNT #10 Experience economy


GlOW is a phase of virtuality and involvement. Eindhoven is for just one week an another world and using new technologies.

What it is?

GLOW is a light show in the center of Eindhoven. Artists and designers from inside and outsite the country make light art and design applications, they use the new media technologies. The city of Eindhoven has made ​​a name with light, art, design and technology about the past of Philips, and it would like to continue to developing: GLOW. The whole city light up for one week.

Why it’s cool?

It’s cool because it’s a new way of art. It uses new technologies, they creating even more knowledge in the field of ”art lightning”. It is wonderful to see the church, it become a totally make-over and looks for one week modern. It is just a must to visit and enjoy GLOW.


COOLHUNT #9 Experience economy


Izkaya is a restaurant that uses virtuality, it is a virtual layer overthe  reality.  there is used a unique interactive digital table. The table offers you greater capabilities and experience when you have a dinner of Izkaya.

What it is?

Izkaya is not an ordinary restaurant and bar. Izkaya is a new innovative Asian restaurant and bar experience that created in a short time his own concept. The innovation lies in the unique interactive digital table that provide more service and the WOW factor. But an excellent cuisine with exciting dishes and drinks, served by professionals with flair and passion is the most important. The interactive digital table is an experience for the customer. You can playing games, order drinks or food, change you tablecloth, vieuw food being cooked, where you go next with a map, check out the local transport, order a taxi and vieuw and request the bill with the digital table.

Why it’s cool?

it is a new way of service and save money after a time on employees. For the customer it is an experience to order your food and drinks or any other thing that you can do with the table. When you don’t like red, you switch the table in the color that you like. It is a challenge to experience a different way of dining, digital dinning.

COOLHUNT #8 Experience economy


Party workout is a way of involvement. There will be a new world created, by new experience of sports especially for young people

What it is?

Party Workout is an trend in New York, there is even a waiting lists when you will doing the party workout. Party workout is a work out in the disco or pub, not in an stuffy and sweaty gymroom. But spinning, aerobics and other workouts in the nightlife whit discoballs, an lightning dancefloor and cool music. They also call the party workout, the Night Club Cardio.

Why it’s cool?

You don’t waste time in the gym. The workouts are you doing in the nightlife with your friends. You combine the nightlife with sports, so you are burning calories and make fun with your friends at the same time! Instead of drinks with alcohol, you get a vitamin drink in a cocktail glass. This is the way to stay healthy and have a social time with your friends or lover, an experience!

COOLHUNT #7 Fieldtrip Breda experience


t’Sas has a living room society created. It seems a small village in a big city and it feels like you are home through the atmosphere.

What it is?

t Sas is an unmissable shopping square for any lover of shopping and culinary delights. t Sas is located in the heart of the city Breda, just almost near the Great Church. Here you can do trendy shopping in the center of Breda. t Sas has a diverse range, so you can shop, lunch, dinner, follow cooking workshops and you can even overnight. The range of shops in the area of lifestyle and living, and the trendy lunchrooms make t Sas a cozy and unique place.

Why it’s cool?

t Sas has a totally different look than the centre of Breda. It seems a small village in a big city. It’s about the size, the atmosphere, the style of the shops and the music that is playing. t’Sas gives a warm, cozy and welcoming feeling and it attract you to visit one of the shops or enjoy a snack and a drink. The busy feeling of the city is just a moment past.

COOLHUNT #6 Fieldtrip Breda experience


What it is?

Taste the Original stands for pure, fresh, healthy and authentic products. You can eat or drink smoothies, sandwiches, salads, soups and different types of café and tea whit a sweet candy. When you go to the city Breda, you can ‘taste’ one of this fresh stuff in the lunchroom, or you take away some eats or drinks.

Why it’s cool?

Taste the Original used only authentic en fresh stuff, so all the stuff has a good quality. The bread is special make for Taste by bakery van der Kley. It is very unique so you do not eat the lovely sandwiches at another location. All the fresh products can order online and can be delivered at home, that is very easy! The owners are for their wonderful concept nominated for the most hospitable enterprise in Breda. So it is an experience to take a look and a taste at Taste the Original in the city Breda!