There are so many different sport technologies today, it’s difficult to choose the best for your body. Tying is the best way to find out. BodyTec is also a new technology in sport, which is based on personal fitness training with electro muscle stimulation (EMS). I spotted one of this studios in Cape Town, but there is one in Amsterdam as well and probably in many more cities. A Bodytec training only takes 20 minutes once a week, which makes it perfect for this 24/7 economy.  The electrical muscle stimulation is a short but powerful full body workout with very quickly noticeable results. You were a suit with a lot of wires how are connected with a computer. The electricals give you resistance, the more or less you want.

Everbody want a good and fit body, in combinations with for example the DNA technologie it isn’t hard anymore. At least if your endurance is also good..

Good to now: 20 minutes BodyTec equals three hours gym!! Is there anything else you want? Apart from the perfect body by doing nothing..



The right food and movement for you body determined due your own DNA is a technologie used by top sporters. But from now on it is possible for everyone to eat, train and move like a top sporter. The DNA technologie isn’t exclusive anymore, many sport schools like HealthyCity offer you this training program. Do I have a good endurance? Do restored my body fast? Is my body sensitive to crabs? Are questions that you get a response of. It will be during 2 weeks, after they get your DNA via your mouth before you will have all that kind of information. It isn’t a secret how to be fit anymore, anyone could get the best out of his body and it is not even expensive! But don’t think you could now simply be an athlete or top model..

Hang up and help

'The world’s first rent-free, premises -free, Free pop-up clothing store, found on the streets curated by you’

‘The world’s first rent-free, premises -free, Free pop-up clothing store, found on the streets curated by you’

That is the value of The Street Store, organised in countries all over the world like South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Ghana, India, Norway and many more. The concept is born in partnership with The Have Night Shelter.

I have spotted this concept in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately the difference between poor and rich is very hugh there, but for this concept perfect. The people with enough money could give their clothes and shoes to The Street Store and the people who really need it can use it!

It works like this: Somewhere in a street handing al lot of clothes hangers where everyone can put their old or never used clothes and shoes. Anyone else can get one of the clothes just for free. So hang up and help the homeless. Or even better, you could host your own Street Store. What is better for your quality of life than helping people who needed and have maybe their first shopping experience ever?

Electronic tattoo

The electronic tattoo is a second skin plaster with nano technology inside.
It’s been a wearable computer that collect all the information about your body. MRI, scanners and other expensive devices will be obsolete in the future by the electronic tattoo. This concept is an innovation of the future and can be improve the quality of life. This because it saves time to visit the hospital because the information can be send to your doctor how can keep an eye on you.

From city to countryside

Volta restaurant in Ghent moved his restaurant temporarily to a corn field in Zomergem. A pop-up restaurant where they made ​​a crafts and local cuisine, were people can eat on a long wooden table from August 13 to September 3. Until now, the harvest was always brought from Zomergem to Volta in Ghent. In August, the roles are reversed and I come as a chef in the kitchen garden. At the same time, they want to offer the guests a truly relaxing outdoor feeling. This is a very good example of transparency and localization. People experience the local food and be aware of the food production. About the localisation, the products come directly from the corn field, it need not be transport what is good for the cost and the environment.

Do it yourself

In the future we will probably make fewer visits to the doctor. We can check by ourselves our health easily from home. The new health apps that are already develop are going to help us. The uMotif app measuring your blood pressure, your movements, your weight and your mood. This information can easily be seen by your doctor, you will only use a doctor in this way when it is really necessary. Care consumption will decrease and there will be more time and money released for new health innovations.

Less food waste

Worldwide there are an enormous amount of food thrown away. The expiration date on products is often taken over, so there is so much food that thrown away what is even just to eat. A new chip, created by Dutch and Belgian researchers, would be fix this problem. The chip that will be on the food, tell you exactly when something is really out of date.

New way of food

Le Whaf helps us to stop eating more than necessary. With Le Whaf you can inhale food and you can taste it, but you do not ingest the calories. This because Le Whaf evaporates food. It is also seen as a healthy snack from the former snack manufacturer Mora. You pour the cloud into a glass and you inhale through a glass straw. Le Whaf is obtainable in many different flavours. You can choose the flavour you like at that moment. Anno 2030 food is offered in other forms. Often it’s just your mind that needs food and your body is in fact easy to satisfy with supplements. Food isn’t always solid or fluid, it could be just the idea of food that satisfies you.(World Food Festival, 2014)

Unhealthy generation

The new film ‘Fed Up’ focuses on the sugar industry and its effect on the health of Americans. It is a little bit shocking and hopefully it is a wake up call that will chance your lifestyle. It is the truth of the unhealthy children generation from now. The government must do something about this huge problem. The film is made by a lot of experts of the food industry.

”Cocaine has the same reaction on your body as sugar !”–abc-news-movies.html

Flying lunch

”A pop-up restaurant in Australia uses miniature parachutes to deliver local sandwiches down to seven floors to customs who are prepared to catch them”

This is a very creative way to deliver the lunch! With this kind of deliver, people having more fun together and they move more. Rather they have lunch delivered, they must do their best to get the lunch! It’s healthy for their mental – and emotional wellbeing and after consuming lunch they go to work again with a fresh spirit.